Author: Power Africa : Published December 3, 2018 “Five years ago, a prominent African working to bring electricity to the world criticized those who said solar lanterns provide electricity access. He said that solar lanterns just “shine a light on poverty.”

Green Banks

Published: NREL  Transforming Energy 11/21/18 Green Banks help secure low-cost capital for clean energy projects including solar at favorable rates and terms to both traditional and otherwise challenging market segments. The availability of low-cost financing is a critical factor for

Kenyan McDuffie Chair, Committee on Business and Economic Development October 29, 2018 Oversight Hearing on the Bill 22-904, the Clean Energy DC Omnibus Act of 2018.

published:  Nov 8, 2018 Introduction Date Jul 10, 2018 Councilmembers Cheh, Allen, T. White, Nadeau, and Chairman Mendelson Co-Sponsor(s) Councilmembers Gray, R. White, and Grosso Committee Referral Committee on Transportation and the Environment and Committee on Business and Economic Development Additional